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About Us

Glass Exchange are a family run business located in Christchurch who specialise in UPVC and aluminium products.


We supply and install high quality windows, doors, Bifold and composite doors, along with glazing repairs throughout Christchurch and the surrounding areas.

About Glass Exchange

We are a family run business located in Christchurch, with 30 years of experience installing and repairing UPVC and aluminium products.


We supply and install high quality UPVC and aluminium windows, doors, as well as bi-Fold and , composite doors throughout Christchurch and the surrounding areas. We also perform glazing and fitting repairs for UPCV and aluminium products.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves in providing a personable, no pressure approach and work closely with our clients to ensure our service meets and exceeds your expectations. Celebrating our 20th year, we have enjoyed watching our client base grow through recommendations, word of mouth and professionalism in our service from start to finish. We are a Certass registered installer which gives you peace of mind knowing our work is completed to a high standard.

We are experienced with all property types from traditional to modern homes and use market leading products to ensure your home is energy efficient, secure and tasteful. We offer a comprehensive range of colours and finishes across our double glazing range, meaning we can tailor your home improvements to your exact specification.

Get in touch or visit us today to enjoy outstanding double glazing at competitive prices.

  • Why do glazing units break down with condensation inside?
    Some glazing units fail due to old age when exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight and rain, or if the incorrect glazing packers are used when fitting the glass.
  • Can glazing units be repaired?
    The process is not cost-effective and can be dangerous to split a glazing unit down and try to clean it. The glazing unit needs to be replaced.
  • Do glazing units have a vacuum between the two glass panels?
    No, the glazing units are hermetically sealed just with the air that’s inside them. If a vacuum was created, the two sheets of glass would be drawn together and may touch which can cause a glass fracture, potentially breaking the glazing unit.
  • Can you put any gas inside the unit to help prevent against the cold?
    Yes, when the glazing units are made up they can be filled with Argon gas that helps against the colder climates we experience.
  • Can you get special glass that helps against the cold?
    Yes, we can supply the glass with a special coating that keeps the heat in when it’s cold and the heat out when it's warm. It’s called a low-emissivity glass or low-e for short.
  • What is toughened glass?
    Toughened glass is created by heating the glass to near melting point then cooling it making the molecular make up much stronger. This is commonly used in doors or any low level areas below 800mm where you could trip, fall or walk into the glazing unit.
  • What is float glass?
    Float glass is standard 4mm glass panels that come in stock sheets. These can be cut down and made into glazing units. Toughened glass cannot be cut once it has been made.
  • What holds the glazing units apart?
    Glazing units are held apart by spacer bars, these range in size and colour depending on the overall thickness of your glazing unit.
  • How is a glazing unit made up?
    An automatic cutting table cuts two sheets of glass in the same size, and are then are sent through an industrial washer which cleans and dries them. A spacer bar is cut to size which is slightly smaller than the two pieces of glass, which then sits inside the unit. The glazing unit is then checked for any imperfections, and is then clamped together and sealed with hot melt around the edge. When the hot melt cools and hardens this stops moisture getting between the glass panels.
  • When I call Glass Exchange, what happens next?
    Glass Exchange will make every effort to call you back within 24 hours. We arrange an appointment over the phone and a surveyor will come out to see you to measure the glazing units and give you a written quotation. We also carry out a number of repair services such as replacing fault hinges, handles and window locking mechanisms. We also provide a full replacement service including doors, windows and conservatories.
  • Do I need to decide to go ahead right away?
    No, we offer a non-pressured approach when quoting. The surveyor will leave you with a written quotation so you have time to think or get other quotations. If you want to proceed whilst the surveyor is at your property, then we are happy to accept the order. If you want to proceed at a later date, then call the office and give them your name, and we will process the glass order. We usually call you back to confirm and let you know the expected lead time for your work to be carried out.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    No deposits are taken prior to the job being completed. Once we have carried out the repair work, you can make payment via cash, cheque or online bank transfer. If however, we are undertaking a larger project for you such as a conservatory, stage payments are usually required.
  • How do I know when you are coming to fit my new glazing units?
    When the glazing units have been made and checked, someone in the office will call you to make an appointment for fitting.
  • What happens on the day of fitting?
    The fitter will arrive within the pre-arranged time slot and will introduce themselves, then will proceed with replacing the glazing units or repair work. When the glazing unit has been replaced they are cleaned and the old glazing unit is taken away and disposed of in an eco-friendly way.
  • I have 3 double glazed units that have failed and I want them replaced, how long would it take your fitters to complete the work?
    I would say from when the fitters have arrived to the job being completed, it would take them 30–45 minutes. This does depend on whether the glazing units are going into UPVC or wood, or whether they are internally or externally glazed.
  • How do I pay?
    We have a range of payment methods which include cheque, cash or by bank transfer. We currently do not take credit or debit card payments with a card reader as we try to keep our costs down for customers.
  • Do you give a guarantee when you replace a glazing unit?
    We offer a 5-year guarantee for glass fitted into UPVC and aluminium frames and a 3-year guarantee if the glazing unit is fitted into wood.
  • I have been broken into and need help quickly, can you help?
    Of course! Being broken into can be quite an emotional experience. When calling our office, if you let our office know it is an emergency, this will be flagged on our system and we would aim to call you back within 2-4 hours to arrange an appointment. We can also provide a boarding up service to make a property secure if a glazing unit has been smashed and needs to be replaced.
  • How long has Glass Exchange been established for?
    Glass Exchange has been established since 2002, I myself have been in the glazing industry for over 40 years and have followed in my father’s footsteps. Our fitters have a wealth of knowledge and experience to overcome common glazing problems, whilst also being CERTASS vetted to ensure installations are carried out competently.
  • Do you only change glazing units?
    No, Glass Exchange offer a wide variety of repair work from broken hinges and window locks not working properly to a full replacement service where we can competitively replace uPVC windows, doors and conservatories. You can see examples of our work on or our Glass Exchange Facebook page. We currently have over 60 live 5* Yell reviews from customers who are happy with our service. Why not get in touch and see how we can help you.
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