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UPVC Windows

Our UPVC windows come in a wide range of configurations, styles and colours to suit all types of property.


These highly versatile double glazed windows are perfect for both new-build projects as well as replacements.

UPVC Windows by Glass Exchange

We cater for all types of property thanks to our wide range of colours. Choose from standard white, or any of our authentic woodgrain finishes. With our UPVC windows, we can achieve any look.

Our casement windows can be specified in different designs including side, top hung, or French escape openings. All tailored to size, colour and glazing requirements. We also offer Tilt & Turn, and Flush Casement UPVC windows, in variety of colours and styles.


UPVC frames and offer a high quality design and manufacture, excellent heat and noise insulation as well as sophisticated looks. Read on to learn more. 

UPVC Casement Windows

We offer an extensive range of colours and wood effects across our casement window range. This allows for a comprehensive range of choices that can work seamlessly with both traditional and modern homes.

Low sightline grey gaskets are installed into our window design to ensure enhanced views, wonderful aesthetics and increased natural light allowance. 

All of our casement windows feature Sterfenster Super Spacer Technology, resulting in an exceptional standard of thermal efficiency, Eliminating draughts and preventing condensation.

Internally glazed windows boast a much higher standard of security than externally glazed windows. Our casement windows are designed with security in mind, using internal glazing to help protect properties against would be intruders.

UPVC Flush Casement Windows

Our flush casement windows provide stunning looks and leads in performance, with superior design and UPVC technology. Heritage flush sash windows are truly outstanding across the board, with A+ energy efficiency, highly rated security and fantastic weather performance.

Designed to replicate the appearance of timber with sleek, slimline frames and authentic colours, our uPVC flush casement windows are ideal for any property where the sash fits flush into the frame.

Combining modern function with traditional form, these high performance flush casement windows have been designed to ensure modern demands are surpassed. This means that they completely outclass their traditional timber counterparts, which can bow, rot, warp or discolour over time. 

UPVC Tilt and turn Windows

Combining function and form, tilt and turn windows capture the wonderful aesthetic of a casement window whilst increasing functionality with their unique tilt function. This enables any home to be enhanced by a window that offers more.


Tilt and turn windows can be tilted inwards, enabling excellent background ventilation, or fully opened from the side for maximum ventilation. This makes them ideal for cleaning, as well as providing the ideal emergency escape route for the upper levels of a property.

Our versatile tilt and turn units offer a flexible option for windows in any type of application.

Browse Our Brochure

We can craft your perfect windows from a huge range of styles, designs, colours, finishes and accessories. For the complete range, take a look at our brochure, and get in touch. We'd love to walk you through your options, and design beautiful bespoke windows to enhance your home.

UPVC Window Alternatives

Didn't find what you were looking for? We also have an extensive range of windows in aluminium, perfect for residential and commercial applications alike.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the perfect door for any project or replacement. If you have questions, or need a friendly team member to walk you through options, please contact us, we'd be happy to help!

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